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Monday, October 10, 2011

The "God" question

As the world continues to turn through the 21st century, people are beginning to stretch the human potential. However, still some don't stretch that potential enough to see the flaws in society.

     Almost all religions that are not denominations of another were created in a time before Renaissance and Scientific Revolution. It was created to explain the world. We know the world how it is. Just take any basic level science class and it will teach basic concepts of evolution. Since it is in the American curriculum, every American student is taught the process. But why do we still accept both this and Christianity concepts. They are two completely contradicting ideas, but we seem to overlook this. I was raised in a Christian household, but never really had much faith. My curiosity wandered far enough to conclude that the whole "God" concept wasn't applicable to my ideas. If I was to say I am Christian, I would contradict my true ideas. I am a lover of science. To be both a lover of science and a devout Christian does not make sense.
     Science will prevail. Maybe not next year, or even next century, but it is inevitable. Science makes sense because we have the knowledge to back it up. Religion does not make sense, and we never had the knowledge to back it up. We only had high ranking clergy telling us wrong from right. If i told a man who lived in a cave for 20 years that the Bible was fiction. He would probably believe me. Had i told him my high school biology text book was fiction, he would have a harder time believing that. Also, among all the different religions in the world, what makes one prevail over the other? Of all the clashes in religion, why would one set of people of one faith, be favored by god over another group of people in a different faith? Does "God" play favorites? Obviously, Christians have not won every war and conflict as the Crusades makes this evident. But those who argue God is not the fault for man's violence, how could an all-powerful God allow bloody conflict. It doesn't add up, and we will continue to unravel these loose chains in the future.

        Its human nature to think rationally, and to find answers for the unknown. We can't cant blindly reject modern innovations and rely on an old book created to explain the world. Its time to embrace the human mind and extend the human potential farther each day. Religion hinders this and we need to remove the hindrances. The human mind won't be unraveled if we don't allow it to.